Fræbblarnir 2017

Fræbblarnir Secret Solstice

Fræbbblarnir Græna hattinum, mynd MammaDreki

Fræbbblarnir Græna hattinum, mynd MammaDreki

Fræbblarnir á Airwaves, mynd Ingó

Fræbbblarnir með Stranglers í Smáranum

Fræbblarnir á Airwaves

Fræbblarnir á Airwaves, mynd Ingó

Reykjavik Menningarnótt 2008

Fræbbblarnir hjá Reykjavíkurborg, Iðunn

Fræbbblarnir mynd

Fræbbblarnir með Stranglers í Smáranum

Fræbbblarnir með Stranglers í Smáranum

Fræbbblarnir Helgi á menningarnótt 2005

Fræbbblarnir með Stranglers í Smáranum


Played at FIDI 53 festival in Lithuania on September 11th with Máni and the roadkillers, Gróa and DDT.

Orientu Im Culus

Played at Egilsbúð in Neskaupstað at "Orientu Im Culus" festival on October 19th with - Cadion, Pack of Nails, Pigeon is My Friend, Tedas Bandis ir Kandys, Alcotopia, Padugnės og Sullen Guest.

Andrea's birthday celebration

Played at Dillon in a series of concerts celebrating legend Andrea's birthday.

Starting the next 10 years

Repeated our anniversary concert partly, introducing new material - with special guests Björn Thor, Halli Reynis, Unnur Malín and Projekt.

Celebrating 40 years

Celebrated 40 years at Gaukurinn, introduced ourselves into our own Hall Of Fame, a new beer, Beer!, introduced. Great party with all (most) of our friends.

Dillon, Airwaves, off venue

Played "off-venue" at Iceland Airwaves, at Dillon.

Paint It Black

Released our version of The Rolling Stones song, Paint It Black (Jagger, Richards). Here on YouTube. A full quality version here Paint It Black.

Sham 69 at Gaukurinn

We played with Sham 69 at Gaukurinn on November 17th.

Iceland Airwaves

Played at Iceland Airwaves 2017, on-venue at Hard Rock Cafe on November 2nd and off-venue on Dillon Sunday November 5th.

Reykjavik Cultur Night At Dillon

Played at Dillon at Reykjavík's Cultural Night, August 19th, 2017.

Secret Solstice

Played at the Secret Solstice.

Punk festival

Played at punk festival at Dillon with energetic Finnish band Turpakäräjät and great selection of Icelandic bands Dýrðin, Tuð og Q4U.


Played at Fullveldispönk at Hard Rock Café on December 1st with Jonee Jonee, Suð and Tappi tíkarrass.

Democracy Festival at Gaukurinn

Played at the Democracy Festival at Gaukurinn on October 27th.

Rock Festival at Ölstofa Hafnarfjarðar

Played at the rock festical at Ölstofa Hafnarfjarðar on August 5th.


The song Dante from "In a nutshell" released, a video available at

New album, "In a nutshell"

New album "Í hnotskurn" (In a nutshell) released on August 21st. Available afternoon at record stores Lucky Records, Smekkleysu and 12 tónum as well as web sites Synthadelia. More to follow. More info at Releases.

Sex á tíu

Live recordings from Harpan on February 28th 2013, at a concert supporting Ingolfur Juliusson, six songs in ten minutes, live recordings no dub, cuts...

TV Smith

Played at Gaukurinn on June 13th with TV Smith and Gimaldin.

Kópavogur's anniversary

We played with lot of others musicians at Kórinn for Kópavogur's 60th anniversary party, four songs in five minutes.. probably the largest venue we have played.

New song - Bugging Leo

A new song released on a compilation album, "Snarl 4 - Skært lúðrar hljóma" by Dr. Gunni.

Punk 2014

Two concerts in Kópavogur at Punk 2014, at Kópavogsdagar, May 8th at Spot with Glen Matlock and Q4U and at Molinn on May 10th with Dossbaradjamm, Pungsig, Fjöltengi, Skerðing and Bugun.

Thirty five years anniversary

A good old fashion party at Gamli Gaukurinn on November 22nd, more than 50 songs in less than three hours.

Forty years of MK

We started 35 years ago at our school, MK.. MK celetrated it's 40 anniversary - we played a few songs.

My Perfect Seven

We released "My Perfect Seven" on July 15th, 2013.

Supporting Ingólfur

We played at a support concert for a friend Ingólfur at Norðurljós in Harpa on February 28th.

Yule song, 2012

A new release of our Yule song, "Ótrúleg jól 2012" ("Unbelievable Yule 2012"), minor changes to text and sound. A low quality version available at YouTube.

Rokk í Reykjavík 2.0

Played at Rokk í Reykjavík 2.0 at Gaukurinn, a celebration concert set up by Wim Van Hooste to mark the 30th anniversary of film. A nigth to remember, lot of great bands.

Yule song

Our first Yule tide song is just out. The Icelandic word refers to a holiday without mentioning any religion.


Supported The Validators at Faktorý with FiveBellies and Taugadeildin.

New song, "In A Nutshell"

Just released a new song, "In A Nutshell" ("Í hnotskurn" is the Icelandic name).

Dylan cover

Recorder Bob Dylan's "Positively 4th St" for a birthday cover contest to celebrate his birthday - one of fourteen finalist songs.

Airwaves 2010

Pretty solid performance on Iceland Airwaves Festival at Amsterdam.


Played three songs for local football club fans preparing for a cup final, definitely made the difference needed to bring home the first trophy.

Looking at forty..

Played on Grand Rock in Reykjavik celebrating the start of our fourth decade, mostly playing songs from our next album.


Fræbbblarnir supported The Stranglers at Nasa on March 6th, 2007, absolutely brilliant night.

Hordur Torfa recordings released

Recordings from a tribute concert to Icelandic troubadour Hordur Torfa released in September 2006, our two songs, "Gudjon" and "Brekkan" (The Hill), both featuring our home town's men's choir, seem to be getting favorable views.

Reviews on "Stuff"

Radio Channel 2 of Iceland's Ruv, March 17th., Andrea Jonsdottir (and Freyr Eyjolfsson)

Definately their best album to date, have come a long way, don't remember any band quite like Fraebbblarnir.

Great fun album, even though the members are getting older there is still something youthful and exciting about the album.

As a hippie, the album reminded me why the punk scene was necessary when it came along.

Straight forward and fun, the way things should be done, good, short and colourful songs.

DV, Trausti Júlíusson, 4 stars

Fun Stuff.

What make the album as good as it is apart from good songwriting and great sound are the arrangements.

Dót is a magnificent rock album.

Frettabladid, Magnús Teitsson

The result is an excellent package of stuff.

Fræbbblarnir haven't forgotten anything and stick with melodic punk.

Morgunbladid, Svavar Knútur Kristinsson 4 stars out of 5

Listening to "Treat Me Like I Died" you can't help wanting to tear off your clothes and dance like a baboon.

Many of the songs are catchy and powerful and leave a pleasant after taste.

Morgunbladid, Skarphéðinn Guðmundsson

Fræbbblarnir have just released an excellent album, Dót.

Movie - The Punk And Fraebbblarnir

Full length documentary premiering on November 4th.


A carbon neutral fund founded in memory of Joe Strummer.

"Rockaway Beach" in Icelandic

Marky Ramone, and the Speedkings recorded four Ramones songs, each in a different nordic language.

Joey Ramone in memoriam

AMP Records released an album "Life's a Gas: A Tribute to Joey Ramone" - Fræbbblarnir's song "Heaven Needed A Lead Singer" is there.

More about Fræbbblarnir

The band was formed 1978 in Kopavogur, close to Reykjavik, the second largest town in Iceland. The band was heavily influenced by the punk / new wave in England and US, especially by bands like The Stranglers, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Jam, The Damned, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury and Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, Television, Specials, Madness, Blondie to name a few, and probably forgetting someone important. But not forgetting bands from the 60's like the Kinks, Troggs, Manfred Mann, Herman Hermits, Rolling Stones, Animals and Pretty Things.

Fræbbblarnir were never part of the fashion, cult, clothes, look or social standings that was sometimes connected to the punk scene, the band was simply part of the drive towards simple, melodic, happy and powerful rock music at the time.

The 1980 album "Viltu nammi væna?" (Would You Like Some Candy, Dear?) is a classic (not only in our modest view) and recent releases, for example the album "Dót" (Stuff) from 2004 received excellent reviews and the song CBGB's is probably the band's most played song ever. The 1981 EP "Bjór" (Beer), critising the now unbelievable ban of beer in Iceland while other types of alcohol was readily legal and available, definately helped lifting the band in 1989, we believe.

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