Bugging Leo

Lag og texti: Valgarđur Guđjónsson

We were counting raindrops
Then I got hit and I’m out of my frame
I mean... we were hunting raindrops
I got picked but I‘m just not the same

I‘m almost set and almost made.
But please paint my eyes a darker shade.
The hills are dead and the trees are plain.
And perhaps my smile a point less vain. like a drug, abused too often, and in sane, brains.

And I‘ll follow the blues
And I might swallow the fools

Her eyes are dull and out of sync.
Brighter still than her smile that stinks.
She‘ll be dead in the next decade.
Centuries will pass but I won‘t fade.

Call your heads, and never do right,
and all your dreams are stuffed with delight.