Crap Poetry's Plastic Surgery

Texti: Valgar­ur Gu­jˇnsson

"We had been talking until morning
about the magic of songs, how the words
got new life in the context of a song,
and how the crummiest of poems
could sound all right when sung with
just the right attitude to the perfect tune.
And then again, of course, how beautiful
poems can be massacred in a song.
But nobody remembered an example."

With the magic of some songs
awful words would come to life
and sound like they did belong,
crap poetry's plastic surgery.

"Kris kept saying, you've really got to hear
the words, or else the song is worthless.
He was playing songs by old fashioned crooners,
with meaningless drivel anyway, when Claire
told him to shut up, he could just as well be
reading a book, if all he wanted
was to hear the words."

Yet they claim it's all 'about words
words that tell, and words that play,
still some ninety five percent, of all hit songs,
are trying to say the same.

With myths to fry, hits will die,
new words to try, feels they're high.

"Because when it all boils down to it,
the words really don't matter, it's just
a question of whether the music is worth
anything at all or not. Just try reading
the words to some of the greatest songs
ever written, by themselves, most of the time,
it's just pure crap."

Might be strange but might be true
after all, it's just the tune,
with misplaced words the song' is still fine
with different notes, straight down the drain.