Oh, Sally

Texti: Valgar­ur Gu­jˇnsson

There comes a time in every man's life
when he has to choose between
what he believes in and other people's view.

Now ladies and gentlemen,
this is not so hard for me
because I believe in fucking bull!

When my father died two years ago my mother said to me:
"We've got move away son, to Memphis Tennessee".
We took old Sally with us, she was so dear to me,
but then I could not understand how hard things were to be.

Oh Sally, oh Sally
Oh how I see that our love was not to be.

When I was just a little kid, my mom, she didn't like
how much time I spent in the barn instead of playing with Mike.
The horror in her pretty face I still remember now,
the day she caught me making love to her favourite cow.

Mother sent me to the doctor who printed in my head
that making love to cows was something terrible and bad.
So now my dear old Sally, my life is rich and full,
I took you to the butcher and I bought myself a bull!