Spank The Spice Girls

Texti: Valgar­ur Gu­jˇnsson

I'm going to spank the Spice girls,
whip that Wham boy,
give the Backstreet Boys
six of the best.
Arse-slap Sir Elton,
flog Phil Collins,
cane the Korn and
switch all the rest.

Paddle the Pink Floyd,
lash Limp Bizkit,
bring the birch back
on to Britney's soft spot.
Smack old Smokie,
belt the Bee Gees,
strap the Stones,
and thrash the whole lot.

I'm doing brand new kind of a show.
The next unplugged craze, ready to go.
I'll be a judge and jury of my own.
and cast out measures easily shown.