Why Can't I Turn The Time?

Texti: Valgar­ur Gu­jˇnsson

False set of cries about to stay alive.
And gain some glory willing to survive.
The way they liked it
then repeated past their Armageddon.

We came around when it was barely alive,
electric shocks were needed to survive
and find cure for
what my baby couldn't hear.

We sealed it out of sight
with feelings out of fright
we beat it black (, blue) and white
so why can't I turn the time?

Were dreaming out of sight
screaming out of fright
beaming of delight
so why can't I turn the time?

From the grave one night, horrific sound
came to our party going round and round
and the ghosts kept knocking,
knocking not from heavens door.

From Hollywood and from their Fifty-four
any old Summer loving to love more
a silver chain saw,
nothing less would save our sounds.